Can a leap be measured?

Ed Motta´s music and musicality have been tested over and over again: from his precocious debut with album Conexão Japeri, which garnered many hits, to his most recent albums that either represent the best of pop or the most sophisticated music that can satisfy even the most demanding listener´s taste (in this case, Ed himself).

Here and now in "Chapter 9", Ed doesn´t have to prove anything to anyone; he writes his new music with staggering simplicity, and is on intimate terms with all the instruments he plays on the album. His ninth album points in a new direction.

Can a leap be measured?

I repeat the question because sometimes I think people don´t realize the price an artist has to pay for doing whatever he wants with his own work.

"Chapter 9" is unclassifiable. It´s not a soul album but it has its own soul. It´s not a pop album, but its songs stick to your brain. "Chapter 9" is unexpected, it shows Ed´s audience an unknown side of his, a record that is totally in English and in a somber tone. People must be prepared for the unexpected.

His intentions are made clear right at the beginning with "The Man From the Oldest Building". Ed creates a musical set in an old, grey, damp and lonely building as Claudio Botelho´s melancholic lines overflow. The collector inside his own collection. It comes as no surprise that their partnership rendered the musical "7", with original songs written by the two.

"You're Supposed to ..." kicks off a series of songs written by Ed with lyrics by Rob Gallagher, the English songwriter also known as Earl Zinger, who started Galliano and today is a member of Two Banks Of Four. At this point, the album is colored by FM music, with subtle irony, keyboards, electronic drums and a bass with Flanger.

"Twisted Blue" is tainted a dark, psychedelic color and on this track, the album´s musicality is ever more obvious. Few artists would have the ability to produce such a wide range of ambiances while also playing all the instruments.

"The Runaways" conveys the joy of a technicolor film, with no hang-ups or concerns, like a good dream in which everyone sings and dances. More colored than real.

"St. Christopher's Last Stand" is the song that comes right after the technicolor dream. It´s about being neither awake nor asleep, when everything seems strange, a feeling things have only one is no longer in a deep slumber.

Time to wake up: "Tommy Boy's Big Mistake" evokes Ed´s adolescence. Who´s never wanted to have a rock band? It sounds like an even better idea when it can be a one-man band that sounds like the best bands known to us. Let´s go!

"The Sky is Falling" is a subtle suggestion of reggae with a sinuous melody.

"The Caretaker" once again evokes musicals but with a French touch. Note the keyboards, an Ed Motta trademark.

On "Georgie and the Dragons", psychedelic lyrics to an apparently pop song.

"Ikarus on the Stairs" is almost the second movement of the previous song. The album closes on a psychedelic and profound note and the question of what will come next lingers in the air.

What will the next leap be?

01. The Man From The Oldest Building
Music: Ed Motta Lyric: Ed Mota e Claudio Botelho

02. You’re Supposed To …
Music: Ed Motta Lyric: Robert Gallagher

03. Twisted Blue
Music: Ed Motta Lyric: Robert Gallagher

04. The Runaways
Music: Ed Motta Lyric: Robert Gallagher

05. St. Christopher’s Last Stand
Music: Ed Motta Lyric: Robert Gallagher

06. Tommy Boy’s Big Mistake
Music: Ed Motta Lyric: Robert Gallagher

07. The Sky Is Falling
Music: Ed Motta Lyric: Robert Gallagher

08. The Caretaker
Music: Ed Motta Lyric: Robert Gallagher

09. Georgie And The Dragons
Music: Ed Motta Lyric: Robert Gallagher

10. Ikarus On The Stairs
Music: Ed Motta Lyric: Robert Gallagher