I have written a few short pieces about some artists and series that I love. Some of the album names are not the same as the original ones. If you are interested in finding out more about them, send me an email and I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can with tips on sites that sell this kind of material.

Blake & Mortimer
The Belgian series, a "ligne claire" icon, was created by ex-opera baritone Edgar Pierre Jacobs and it´s one of my favorites. They´re fantastic, action-packed stories with narration as fast as a bullet. I think the best albums are "The Mystery of the Great Pyramid I and II", "The Yellow M" and "S.O.S. Meteors".

Jacques Tardi
Famous for creating the poster for Fellini´s "E La Nave Va", he is one of the greatest living artists / writers. His "Adele Blanc-Sec" series divinely portrays Paris during the Belle Epoque. So far, only 8 albums have been released. Other works that are well worthwhile checking out are: "Fog over Tolbiac Bridge", "The Station Street" and "Roach Killer".

Vittorio Giardino
Excellent Italian artist/writer author of the police series "Sam Pezzo" has released several albums in Brazil. His greatest works are "Hungarian Rhapsody" and "Orient Gateway" - adventures about spy agent Max Friedman. Giardino´s drawings are masterpieces.

In my opinion, together with "Vagabond of Limbo", this French series is the best science fiction story ever and not just in comics but in movies too. Writer Pierre Christin comes up with excellent stories for the time travelling duo Valerian and Laureline. Artist Jean-Claude Mèziéres worked on the art direction of the film "The Fifth Element". Favorite albums: "Metro Châtelet - Direction Cassiopea" and "Brooklyn Station - Terminal Cosmos".

Corto Maltese
A series by one of the best in the business, the Italian writer from Rimini, Hugo Pratt. Corto is a kind of Hugo Pratt alter-ego. One of the first albums presenting an adult theme. My favorites are: "Under the Sign of Capricorn", "Ballad of the Salt Sea" and "Tango". Some of his work has been published in Brazil. Anything by Hugo Pratt is worth reading.

Will Eisner
Author of the famous "noir" series, Spirit. I love this series because of its shadows, different perspectives and Will Eisner´s magic drawings. Spirit was a real human being at a time when Batmans and Supermans ruled. As if this masterpiece weren´t enough, Eisner took to creating to more existential, less commercial albums like "A Contract with God", "The Heart of Storm", "Life Force", "The Dreamer", "Invisible People" and others. If you want to get to know the world of comics, Eisner is obligatory reading and you should start here. You will be stunned and amazed at how far his art can take you!!!

Chris Ware
A new American artist from Seattle, obsessed with the details in his illustrations where he recreates the 30´s, 40´s and 50´s to perfection. His melancholic series "Acme Novelty Library" is one of the best things to come out in the last 15 years.

A Belgian series set in the 19th century by artist Yslaire and writer Balac. The drawings are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. In black and white, grey and red. Breathtaking. The albums: "Plus ne m´est rien", "Je sais que tu viendrais..." and "Liberté, Liberté".

O Vagabundo dos Limbos
I always say this is an excellent glitter version of science fiction. In the drawings by Ribera and the stories by Godard, Alex Munshine is forever looking for a love he has never known, only in his dreams. Albums: "L´Empire des Milles Planetes", "The Supreme Alchemist" and "What Reality, Papa?"

Winson Mac Cay
The inventor of the animated film and author of the series that influenced surrealist artists Dali and Man Ray, "Little Nemo & The Slumberland" published in American Sunday papers in 1905. To this day, Little Nemo is still modern, Mc Cay was way ahead of his time. All the stories were released in hardcover books in the USA, France and Spain. In Portugal, only 2 volumes were published.

Other comics series that I love:

- "Merdichesky"- Carlos Trillo e Horácio Altuna
- "Achille Talon"- Greg
- "Cocco Bill" - Benito Jacovitti
- "Condor" - Autheman e Rousseau
- "Dick Herisson" - Didier Savard
- "Jerry Spring"- Jijé
- "Buddy Longway" - Derib
- "Steve Pops Contra Dr. Yes" - Jacques Devos
- "Las 7 Vidas Del Gavillan" - André Juillard e Patrick Cothias
- "A Febre de Urbicanda"- Schuiten e Peeters
- "As Falanges da Ordem Negra" - Bilal e Christin
- "City of Glass" - David Mazzuchelli
- "Largo Winch" - Francq e Van Hamme
- "O Dossier Harding"- Floc'h e Riviere
- "Dick Tracy" - Chester Gould
- "Sammy" - Berck e Cauvin
- "Fax From Sarajevo" - Joe Kubert
- "From Hell"- Allan Moore e Eddie Campbell
- "Blanche Epifany" - Pichard e Lob
- "Stray Bullets" - David Laphan
- "Steve Canyon"- Milton Caniff
- "Léon-de-la-terreur" - Theo van den Boogaard e Wim T. Schippers
- "Lefranc" - Jacques Martin
- "Magnor, El Poderoso" - Sergio Aragonés e Mark Evanier
- "Tenente Blueberry" - Charlier e Jean Giraud
- "Peep Show" - Joe Matt
- "Strapontin"-Berck
- "Ric Rochet"- Tibet e A. P. Duchateau
- "Maus" - Art Spiegelman
- "Jar of Fools"- Jason Lutes
- "Watchman" - Alan Moore
- "Ray Banana - Ted Benoit
- "Philemon" - Fred
- "Barelli" - Bob de Moor
- "Jungle Book" - Harvey Kurtzman
- "Spirou e Fantásio"- Franquim ou Tome e Janry
- "Gasoline Alley" - Frank King
- "Passageiros do Vento" - Bourgeon
- "Evergreen" - Wininger
- "Dieter Lumpen" - Jorge Zenter e Rubén Pellejero
- "Luís Má Sorte" - Dethorey e Giroud
- "Taxista I e II" - Martí
- "Dylan Dog" - Sclavi e Piccatto
- "Gil Jourdan" - Tillieux
- "Julien Boisvert" - Dieter Plessix
- "Yoko Tsuno" - Roger Leloup
- "Martin Millan"- Godard
- "Os Jardins de Edena" - Moebius
- "Viagem a Tulum" - Milo Manara e Federico Fellini