7 O Musical

One more of Ed Motta's countless surprises, this musical was born out of the enthusiasm of two of the greatest musical directors in Brazil, Claudio Botelho and Charles Moeller.
When they heard Ed's compositions in a totally "Broadway" style, Claudio and and Charles were so excited that they decided to create and stage 7 The Musical, which had already been tested three years earlier on some tracks of the album Aystelum.

Ed wrote the music and left it in a drawer until he decided to show it to Claudio Botelho and ask him to write the lyrics. As soon as he heard the music, Claudio said "this doesn't need a
story! One day we will turn it into a musical!".
So Charles began to write the story and Claudio the lyrics and step by step, the musical started to take shape in the inverse process in which it is commonly done. A painstaking job in which Ed was involved until 7 The Musical came to life and won several awards and was chosen by Veja magazine the best musical of the year.